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f Orangemonkie Foldio3 with Turntable und Tripod
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Orangemonkie Foldio3 with Turntable und Tripod

This is the best combi for photographing small objects in 360 degrees! A complete kit, which contains an innovative 360 degrees turntable with a diameter of 25cm, a Foldio3 photo tent with built-in LED lighting and a table tripod for your camera or smartphone. A combination of the LED lighting on top of the photo tent and Halo Edge lighting on the backside of the turntable make sure you have an equal white background and perfectly exposed products. The dimensions of the Foldio3 are 62,5x64x55 cm.


You can control the Foldio360 with an app on your smartphone or with the infrared function of your DSLR camera. This offers new possibilities to capture an object in a fast, easy and fun way. To achieve an equal white background, you can place the Foldio360 in the photo tent. On the backside of the Foldio360 you can find a 5700K Halo Edge LED light, which makes sure there is a seamless transition between the turntable and the background of the photo tent.

Features Foldio360:

Smartphone 360 object

You can download the Foldio360 app on your iPhone or Android smartphone. The Foldio360 automatically connects with your smartphone, you don't even have to open the Bluetooth settings. You can place your smartphone on a tripod and you're ready to make your first 360 object. With the app you can control the turning speed (1x, 2x, 3x), turning direction, brightness of the Halo Edge, brightness of the camera shot, white balance and the number of images (24, 36, or 48). When you press the shutter button, the Foldio360 will turn and take pictures in the selected number of steps.

Smartphone video

Next to 360 objects, the Foldio360 can also make a fluid 360 video. In the app you can change quickly and easily between the different capture modes, which works very well in practice. When you capture a 360 video, the turning speed (1x, 2x, 3x), turning direction, brightness of the Halo Edge, brightness of the camera shot and white balance are also adjustable. You can even choose if the Foldio360 makes one turn or will turn non-stop.


It's also possible to use the Foldio360 with your DSLR-camera. This option works with cameras from Canon, Nikon, Pentax and Sony. (Infrared function required) With the app you can select how much shots you need. Your DSLR-camera and the Foldio360 will work perfectly together.


When you want a completely custom control about the 360 photos and videos, it's possible to only control the turntable from the app. You select the turning direction and turning speed with the app and capture the photos or video yourself.

Exporting 360 objects

From the app you can export 360 objects, to use them in an interactive way on your website and webshop. Videos are also suitable for export from the app, so you can edit them with your favourite editing software.


  • 1x Foldio360 turntable
  • 1x Orangemonkie Foldio3 photo tent with LED lighting
  • 1x Table Tripod with Smartphone Adapter M-14035
  • 2x Power cable
  • 1x Manual

In stock

Price incl. VAT: from € 409,95 for € 359,00

Article number:Help2274
Dimensions:HelpTurntable: Ø 25 cm. height: 4,5 cm
Power supply:HelpDC 12V / 1.2A
Lighting source:HelpHalo Edge LED
Max. central weight:Help1 KG


Simple, but Useful

Orangemonkie makes small and handy turntables. At a very affordable rate, you can create photos and videos in 360 degrees of a small product or object.