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f Miops Camera Connecting Cable Sony S2 Orange
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Miops Camera Connecting Cable Sony S2 Orange

You can use the Miops Camera Connecting Cable to connect your Miops Trigger to your camera. The cable is on one side provided with a jackplug and on the other side a Sony S2 plug.

Suitable for the following cameras: 

A5100, Rx100 v, Rx100 iv, Rx100 platinum, A3000, Rx100 iii, Rx100 ii, Rx10 iii, Rx10 ii, A58, Hx60, A7iii, Hx400V, A3500, A5000, Hx60v, Hx80, Hx90v, Hx90, Nex-3nl, Rx10 iv, Rx100 vi, Rx10, RX0, A9, A7ii, A7riii, A7rii ,A7r, A99ii, Hx300, Hx50v, Nex 3n, A7sii, A7s, A7, A68, A6500, A6300, A6000

The following cameras are not supported:
Sony: A380, Nex-5r, A390, A330, Nex-3c, Rx1r, Nex-5, A290, A230, Rx1, Qx-100, Qx-10, Nex-f3, Nex-c3, Nex-7, Nex-6, Nex-5t, Nex-5n, Nex-3, Nex-5c


  • Miops Camera Connecting Cable

In stock

Price incl. VAT: € 19,95

Article number:Help189318
For brand:HelpSony
Connection cable:Help Pixel S2 + Miops S2
  • 189301 - MiopsIn Stock
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Smart Triggering For Creative Photography

Miops is founded in 2010 and manufactures advanced triggers for photocameras and flash units.