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f Miops Splash V2 Water Drop Kit with Holder
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Miops Splash V2 Water Drop Kit with Holder

The Miops Splash V2 is the new water drop kit including holder, which allows you to take the most beautiful water drop photos. The Splash controls the water supply, camera and external flash, guaranteeing you the perfect water drop photo. With an improved housing, more reliable connection and a slightly different look, the Splash V2 is an upgrade from the first generation Miops Splash.

Can I use the Miops Splash with my camera?
You can use the water drop set with almost any camera. To do so, you will need a connection cable (see optional accessories). Which cable do you need? Use our special cable selector which you can find here. After a few seconds you will see the cable selector there. Just enter your brand and type of camera in the drop-down menu. We will then immediately show you the right connection cable.

How do I control the Miops Splash?
You control the system easily via your smartphone. You can use the free app for this (for both iPhone and Android). Through the app you can set the size of the water droplet(s), or you can indicate at what time the flash and camera should be triggered.

What is included in this kit?
With this water droplet kit, you will receive a flexible rod and an extendable holder. With these accessories, you can position the Miops Splash, for example, above a bowl of water, into which the water droplets fall. The arm can be fixed in any position using the rotary knob on the side. On the rod and the holder is 1/4" female thread. This allows you to mount it on almost any common (table) stand. You will also receive a hotshoe adapter, so you can use the Miops Splash on your camera. Power is supplied through continuous USB power (USB cable included). You can ensure this by connecting the Splash to a laptop, power bank or any common power adapter, for example.

Application Miops Splash V2 Water Drop Kit with Holder

Making the perfect water drop photo is a real work of art. The unpredictable shapes and patterns create photos that deserve a place on the wall. Play with different types and colors of light, switch between backgrounds and adjust the size of the water droplets. With the Miops Splash it is easier and more fun than ever to create an impressive waterdrop photo! You can find out exactly how to do this here


  • 1x Miops Splash V2
  • 1x Flexible holder (with 1/4" male and female thread)
  • 1x Retractable Splash holder (with 2x 1/4" female thread)
  • 1x Hotshoe adapter
  • 1x Flash cable
  • 1x Micro USB charging cable
  • 1x Full-color packaging

In stock

Price incl. VAT: € 179,00

Article number:Help189378
For brand:HelpNikon, Canon, Sony, Samsung, Fujifilm, Panasonic, Olympus
Suitable for camera:HelpUniversal via optional connection cable
Power supply:HelpContinuous USB power supply (micro USB cable included)

To take the most creative photos, MIOPS offers a range of compact, intelligent accessories that you can easily use with your own photographic equipment. For example, using these accessories, you can use your smartphone to control the camera, have your camera automatically triggered by lightning and create time-lapses, or just create beautiful waterdrop photos. Whatever accessory you use, with Miops you will create the most creative, unique photos.





MIOPS in short:

• Miops is the brand for creative, modern photographers
• Take the most beautiful waterdrop photos or trigger your camera by lightning, for example
• Compatible with most cameras and smartphones
• Easy to use with your existing photo and video equipment
• Items from Miops come with a standard 1-year warranty