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f Buteo Photo Gear Camouflage Net 4 Reed/Grass 1.5x3 m
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Buteo Photo Gear Camouflage Net 4 Reed/Grass 1.5x3 m

The Camouflage Net 4 reed/grass 1.5 x 3 m. is a small, two-tone, lightweight camouflage net.
Convenient to carry in your backpack or bag. The camo net is perfect to use as extra camouflage over your shelter tent, or to camouflage just yourself and your photographic equipment. The two-tone camo net makes it ideal for multiple uses.
Our reed/grass camouflage net is printed with a grass/grass pattern on one side, the other side is printed with a light brown/sand/khaki color. The camouflage net has a 3D blater pattern which makes it look very natural with different shades.

Application Buteo Photo Gear Camouflage Net 4 Reed/Grass

If you are often in the field, you quickly notice that birds and mammals are very human-shy. Not surprising considering that these animals have been hunted almost everywhere for centuries.

Camouflaging yourself and your equipment is the best solution for successful wildlife photography.
The basic idea is that animals no longer see or recognize us as humans, and therefore do not feel threatened. Using a hide, a baghide or a camouflage net can be very useful.This camouflage net is large enough to cover you and your equipment, or camouflage your photo tent or your car. Of course, the camouflage net can be used to make your hide stand out even more.
Printed on both sides: grass/cane on one side, light brown/sand/khaki on the other.
Made with 3D blater pattern by leafcut so perfect for various occasions and different applications.

Key Features Buteo Photo Gear Camouflage Net 4 Reed/Reed

  • Camouflage net 4 Reed/Grass 1,5 x 3 m.
  • Storage bag
  • Large enough to partially cover your photo tent, yourself or a car.
  • Two color, two patterns.
  • Lightweight so little extra weight.
  • Easy to use within seconds.
  • Folds up and stores in 20 seconds.

Notice! Our camouflage nets are for outdoor use only.


  • 1x Buteo Photo Gear Camouflage Net 4 Reed/Grass 1.5x3 m
  • 1x Storage bag

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Price incl. VAT: € 34,95

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Capture the best Wildlife moments with Buteo Photo Gear. The range consists of hide and camouflage products. With these you photograph and film in nature, without being recognizable to animals as humans. Buteo Photo Gear is managed by enthusiastic nature photographers. For more than 15 years they have been designing, producing and offering you specified shelter tents.