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f Buteo Photo Gear Transport Trolley Forest Green with Sunroof
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Buteo Photo Gear Transport Trolley Forest Green with Sunroof

The Transport Trolley 1 with Sun Roof is the perfect help if you need to carry a lot of equipment on the go and can't carry everything in your backpack.

The Transport Trolley 1 with sun roof has been improved by applying a black matte coating, also the loading point has been improved.
This makes the trolley with load even easier and lighter to transport in the field, even with a heavy camera bag and other photography accessories such as a tripod or shelter tent.

The transport trolley is designed for use in all conditions and offers space for your backpack with equipment, ideal for (nature) photographers and filmmakers.
The trolley from Buteo Photo Gear can also be used as a chair and can support approximately 110 kilograms of weight. The included sun roof protects you and your equipment from the sun.
You can turn it into a simple photo tent in no time if desired, by simply throwing an extra camouflage net over it or using a baghide.

The trolley is made of high-quality materials such as a lightweight aluminum frame, wheels with needle bearings, durable and strong fabric, and has extras such as a sunroof and a folding bracket for extra space.
The use of a needle bearing is similar to that of a regular ball bearing. The difference is in speed and load. A needle bearing is better suited for high loads (because there is a linear contact instead of a point contact), but less suitable for high speeds.

This trolley is especially useful if you have a lot of equipment on the go and can't carry everything in a backpack. Put your gear in the trolley and you can travel long distances without getting tired of lugging it around or having back trouble.

The Buteo Photo Gear trolley is a "must have" for photographers who travel with a lot of equipment.

Important features

  • Easy to fold and transport in the car
  • Bag for small items on the back
  • Very strong construction that can handle a heavy load of up to 110 pounds
  • Versatile in use (transport, seat & even as even shelter tent)


  • Buteo Photo Gear Transport Trolley Forest Green with Sunroof

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Price incl. VAT: € 129,95

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Capture the best Wildlife moments with Buteo Photo Gear. The range consists of hide and camouflage products. With these you photograph and film in nature, without being recognizable to animals as humans. Buteo Photo Gear is managed by enthusiastic nature photographers. For more than 15 years they have been designing, producing and offering you specified shelter tents.