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f Konus Konusclip 60x-100x Microscope
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Konus Konusclip 60x-100x Microscope

The Konus Konusclip 60x-100x is a high quality compact handheld microscope. Ideal for examining subjects wherever you find them. The Konusclip 60x-100x uses three AAA batteries to illuminate the object through bright LED lighting and for UV light. The Konus Konusclip 60x-100x has a high magnification, making it indispensable on the road.

Application Konus Konusclip 60x-100x Microscope

The Konus hand microscope is easy to use. The battery cover can be pushed aside to accommodate the three supplied AAA batteries. In the compartment you can see how the batteries should be placed. When the switch is moved to the left, the LED turns on and the Konusclip 60x-100x can be used. On the left side there are two wheels, of which the upper one can be used to determine the desired magnification, from 60x to 100x, and the lower one can be used to focus.

When the switch is slid to the right, you activate the UV light which, in addition to the authenticity of banknotes and passports, can also reveal traces of body fluids, as is done by crime scene investigators. It is also possible to make faded ink, which is no longer visible to the naked eye, visible again.


When you mount the included clip on the eyepiece, it is possible to clamp the Konusclip 60x-100x Microscope to a smartphone, so that you can even take pictures and videos of the subject being observed. You need to open the clip and make sure that the microscope's eyepiece is lined up with the smartphone's lens. The more accurate this is done, the better the result. When you open the camera application of your smartphone, you may see a black border around the object. This can be removed by zooming in with the smartphone.

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  • 1x Konus Konusclip 60x-100x Microscope
  • 1x Clip for smartphone mounting
  • 1x Storage bag with zip
  • 3x AAA batteries
  • 1x Manual
  • 1x Colour packaging

In stock

Price incl. VAT: € 26,95

Article number:Help433710
Usage:HelpCells, Micro-organisms, Tissue, Koi, Stones, Minerals, Fossils, Coins, Stamps, Electronics, Insects, Plants
Color body:HelpBlack
Material body:HelpPlastic
Dimensions:Help2.8 x 4.9 x 8.2 cm
Weight:Help74 gram ( without clip )
Batteries:Help3x AAA ( inclusive )
Type of head:HelpMonocular
Attachment:PDF bestandDownload 433710 manual

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KONUS in short:

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