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f DNP Kiosk SnapLab Pro DT-T9 Lite
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DNP Kiosk SnapLab Pro DT-T9 Lite

DNP's SnapLab Pro is a universal kiosk that lets you print professional photos. It doesn't matter which printer(s) you connect. Because the SnapLab Pro works with all makes and models of printers. Just unpack, connect and print!

Important features DNP SnapLab Pro

  • Many formats and products: print many formats interchangeably. For example, frames, collages, greeting cards, calendars, photo albums and even passes*.
  • Large touch screen: the touch screen has a diameter of no less than 23 inches. This allows you to view and select photos with lots of detail.
  • Universal compatibility: the SnapLab Pro works with all DNP printers, including the RX1HS, DS620, DS820 and QW410. In addition, the SnapLab Pro works with ALL other brands of printers!** Up to 8 printers on 1 SnapLab Pro.
  • Control by anyone: via a hidden menu you configure all options. For example, formats and prices. Then your customers operate the system all by themselves. The software guides them in selecting photos, applying edits and checkout.
  • Checkout print rates: choose to have customers pay directly at the SnapLab Pro by debit card***. Or at your counter. Only after that does printing begin.

Loading photos into the SnapLab Pro

This is how you load photos into the SnapLab Pro:

  • Wirelessly via wifi: connect a smartphone or tablet to the SnapLab Pro's wifi network. Then scan the QR code and upload your photos immediately. Wifi dongle included. Bluetooth is also optional.
  • Wired: connect a smartphone or tablet to 1 of the included cables: USB-C, Lightning and Micro-USB. Suitable for almost all mobile devices.
  • Card reader: a professional card reader is built into the SnapLab Pro. It is compatible with: SD, micro-SD, MS, MS micro, xD, CF and USB sticks via USB-A and USB-C.
  • Universal USB 2.0 ports: the SnapLab Pro has as many as 8 free USB ports. 4 on the front, behind the metal housing. And 4 on the back. There you connect any combination of photo printers, card readers, payment terminal devices and receipt printers. These ports are further expandable with a USB hub. The SnapLab Pro adapts to your needs. You integrate the SnapLab Pro into your network via the LAN connection.

Customizable software SnapLab Pro

The SnapLab Pro puts you in control as the owner. You decide which printing options are available to customers. You also set your own rates, which the software calculates for each print job. Option A: If desired, you can connect a pin machine*** to the SnapLab Pro. After payment, printing is automatically started and the receipt is printed. Option B: alternatively, you set up that customers first pay at the counter. There you press 1x button of a keyboard (not included) accessible only to you to start printing. Option C: If you want to go really big, you link multiple SnapLab Pros to the DSLab system. This allows you to print from an unlimited number of SnapLab Pros on up to 12 different printers. Also, the SnapLab Pro has optional passport photo software built in. Ask about DSLab availability, pass photo software and pin device compatibility.

Option A: print and checkout directly at the SnapLab Pro's optional cash terminal***.

Option B: print and checkout at the store's cash register

Option C: link multiple SnapLab Pros with DSLab

*To print passes, connect a Fargo HDP5000 or DTC1250E to the SnapLab Pro.
**Prequisite is that the printer has a driver for Windows 10/11.

***The option to allow customers to pay directly works with a SumUp pin device. Due to an update to SumUp, the option is (temporarily) no longer working. It is unknown how this will develop. Of course, the option to pay at the counter is still available. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.




  • 1x SnapLab Pro DT-T9 Lite
  • 1x WiFi dongle
  • 1x Bluetooth dongle
  • 1x USB-C cable
  • 1x Lightning cable
  • 1x Micro-USB cable
  • 1x Power cable (EU)
  • 1x Manual (EN)

This item is supplied on demand. Contact us for the delivery time.
Contact us for the delivery time.

Price incl. VAT: € 3.199,00

Dimensions:Help55.5 x 23.4 x 47.2 cm (B x D x H)
Weight:Help20 kg
Operating system:HelpWindows 11
System requirements:HelpIntel® core i3-10100, 8 GB DDR4, SSD M2 250 GB
Attachment:PDF bestandDownload brochure dt t9 lite 2023 en
Attachment 2:PDF bestandDownload sl pro usermanual v1

Originally from Japan, DNP has been around for more than 20 years and is the pioneer in dye sublimation printing. DNP produces high-end printers that use heat to get the colors on the paper. Continuous innovations provide all-in-one solutions such as passport photo systems and wireless printing. Whether you take passport photos, want to print regular photos or are looking for a printer specifically for your photobooth, DNP has the right solution for every application.







DNP in short:

• A printer for every situation: passport photos, photobooths or regular prints (Windows and macOS)
• Printing is possible from only € 0,07 per print, printing can be done in less than 9 seconds
• With almost 10 years of experience we can always give you the right remote support
• We can often repair unexpected defects in our internal repair department
• On DNP items we offer a 2 year warranty or a set number of prints