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f DNP Digital Dye Sublimation Photo Printer DS820 A4
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DNP Digital Dye Sublimation Photo Printer DS820 A4

The DS820 from DNP is a new generation Digital Dye Sublimation photo printer which let you make stunning prints on A4 size. The DS820 is 45% faster than its predecessor; the DS80. The DS820 offers some unique benefits and is the ideal printer for the professional user. It offers a rewind function, multiple print sizes, four finishes, a low energy consumption, and the ability to print a watermark.

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Four finishes

A unique feature of the DS820 is the ability to print photos with different finishes: fine matte, matte, luster and glossy. This make sure there is a suitable finish for every different purpose. The great thing about the finish option is that it’s not necessary to change the paper roll: the coating is printed on the paper by the printer.

Hot Folder

DNP offers free software called 'Hot Folder Print'. So it is possible to print photos automatically via a so-called 'Hot Folder'. The idea is simple: Define a folder in which the photos should be placed and select the desired printer and layout. Then you can take photos and the photos will be printed automatically from the drop down menu.

In the Hot Folder Print you can configure the correct properties once, then each photo is printed in the correct way. Select the format, the finish and optionally switch on the 2-inch cut.

Print sizes

The DS820 offers the ability to produce prints in different sizes. Next to the A4 size you can print in 10x20, 13x20, 15x20, 20x25, 20x30 and even 20x80 panoramas. To print panoramas, install the latest firmware version and print the photos with Hot Folder Print.

Rewind function

Of course it’s important that the printer doesn’t use more paper than needed. That’s why the DS820 is equipped with a rewind function. This makes sure there’s an optimal usage of the paper: good for you and the environment.

Lower power consumption

The power consumption of the DS820 is designed in such a way that there’s used only 0.5W energy in stand-by mode. It’s fine to let the DS820 be turned on for a longer period of time.


The DS820 offers the possibility to print your own designed watermark. This function lets the photo itself unattended, but makes the text visible by printing in matte and glossy finish.

Warranty: the warranty for this printer is guaranteed for 2 years or up to 80,000 prints. It is not recommended to use different media widths on the same printer. For more information, read the manual.


  • DS820 Printer
  • CD with Printer Driver and Manuals
  • Power Cable
  • Paper Container for Print Waste
  • Paper Adapters

In stock

Price incl. VAT: from € 2.095,00 for € 1.939,00

Maximum print speed:Help20 x 30 print in 33.2 sec
Print method:HelpDye Sublimation
Resolution:Help300 x 300dpi of 300 x 600dpi
Interface:HelpUSB 2.0
Dimensions:Help322 x 366 x 170 mm (L x W x H)
Weight:Help14 kg
Operating system:HelpWindows XP, 7, 8, 10, 11, macOS 13
Attachment:PDF bestandDownload ds820 printsizes
Attachment 2:PDF bestandDownload ds820 warranty
Attachment 3:PDF bestandDownload ds820 metallic ultra

Originally from Japan, DNP has been around for more than 20 years and is the pioneer in dye sublimation printing. DNP produces high-end printers that use heat to get the colors on the paper. Continuous innovations provide all-in-one solutions such as passport photo systems and wireless printing. Whether you take passport photos, want to print regular photos or are looking for a printer specifically for your photobooth, DNP has the right solution for every application.







DNP in short:

• A printer for every situation: passport photos, photobooths or regular prints (Windows and macOS)
• Printing is possible from only € 0,07 per print, printing can be done in less than 9 seconds
• With almost 10 years of experience we can always give you the right remote support
• We can often repair unexpected defects in our internal repair department
• On DNP items we offer a 2 year warranty or a set number of prints