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f SmokeGENIE Handheld Professional Smoke Machine Hazer Kit
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SmokeGENIE Handheld Professional Smoke Machine Hazer Kit

Are you looking for a smoke machine that is easy to use on location? Then the Hazer Kit from SmokeGENIE is the solution for you. The case has exactly what you need to quickly generate a lot of smoke in a room or on location. You use the Magic Remote for both the smoke machine and the fan. Connecting the fan creates a fog effect. The fog remains visible in the room for 10 to 45 minutes.

Key features:

  • Portable case: Everything easily at hand for on location.
  • Original: everything in the case is made by SmokeGENIE
  • Press & Play: you don't wait for anything, there is instant smoke after pressing the button.

The SmokeGENIE is a compact smoke machine that produces a surprising amount of fog with 1 push of a button. On 1 battery charge, the SmokeGENIE works for up to four hours. The SmokeGENIE is ideal for creative photography, film productions and performances where you add a special atmosphere by blowing smoke or fog into the room. Thanks to the different attachments, you can choose to concentrate smoke in one spot or blow it wide into the room. It is even possible to let the smoke hang in one specific area for more than 10 seconds. For example, on a shooting table or around clothing.

Different modes SmokeGENIE

This set is especially for generating fog on location or in a room. Nevertheless, it is possible to expand the SmokeGENIE kit. You have full control over the smoke production of the SmokeGENIE. There are 25 different modes in terms of spread and amount of smoke. With the included attachments you determine the type of smoke or fog and direction. Below is the basic option for the hazer kit:



Diffuses into the room over a distance of several meters. To do this, you slide the included mini fan onto the SmokeGENIE. It runs on a battery (18650) or via USB-C power and can be controlled via the Magic remote. The SmokeGENIE completely fogs up an average room. This creates a mystical effect. Ideal in combination with LED spotlights, so beams of light are visible with your shots. Manufacturer's tests show that the smoke lasts as much as twice as long as traditional fog generators.



SmokeGENIE in practice


Fog remains visible in a room for 10 to 45 minutes, depending on the degree of ventilation. Inside the case you will find a complete Hazer kit. You use the SmokeGENIE both directly with the button on the back or via the included remote control. This remote control has 4 channels, which allows the user to easily control the SmokeGENIE smoke machines in different ways. The smoke production can be started and stopped at a distance of 5 meters. The remote also controls the mini fan and the SmokeGENIE smoke machines simultaneously. The remote control works on a 23A 12V battery, which is not included. The SmokeGENIE itself runs on two 18650 type batteries (with flat head). These are not included. If you use rechargeable 18650 batteries, charge them through the SmokeGENIE's USB-C port - even when the SmokeGENIE is in use. You always place the plastic heat shield around the capsule and at least one tube on the SmokeGENIE before use because the capsule and output are hot. To use the SmokeGENIE in practice, perform the following steps:


1. Fill a smoking capsule with liquid. There is an opening at the top for this, behind the rubber cap. The liquid is supplied in a 100 ml vial, enough for four hours of non-stop smoke production on setting 3. Vials and capsules are, of course, also available separately (see optional accessories).
2. Screw the capsule onto the SmokeGENIE (threaded connection).
3. Insert two 18650 batteries into the SmokeGENIE (not included).
4. Press the button on the front three times. The SmokeGENIE is ready to use almost instantly, so you can use the button on the back (or included remote control) to produce smoke immediately.


Application SmokeGENIE

If you are a creative person who likes to use smoke or fog, the SmokeGENIE is ideal. Perfect for film shoots, for example to release smoke under the hood or from the kitchen. In addition, the SmokeGENIE is also great for use in theaters, to produce smoke locally. The SmokeGENIE is immediately ready to use, lightweight, works at five meters distance with the remote control (433MHz) and works for hours in standby, to produce instant and long-lasting smoke when you press the button. The SmokeGENIE - unlike traditional smoke machines - produces no unwanted "puffs" of smoke in standby.



SmokeGENIE technical specifications


With the SmokeGENIE we supply 1 capsule for smoke liquid. These last at least 50 hours as a consumable and are available separately (see optional accessories). You fill the capsule of the SmokeGENIE with special SmokeGENIE liquid, made of food-safe, vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. In the Hazer kit, you will find 1 x 100ml of this. It is safe to inhale the smoke as humans and animals in indoor spaces. 9ml of SmokeGENIE liquid fits in the capsule, enough for an average of 15 minutes of smoke production. Liquid from other manufacturers is not suitable. The capsule of the SmokeGENIE gets warm during use. When the plastic cap of the capsule turns from purple to orange, the capsule is too hot to touch. The capsule's casing is made of heat, shock and burst resistant polymer material.

Below is the usage time:

Battery consumption based on two 3200mAh batteries

- Mode 1: 144 minutes
- Mode 2: 103 minutes
- Mode 3: 51 minutes
- Mode 4: 38 minutes
- Mode 5: 30 minutes
- Mode 6: 26 minutes
- Mode 7: 22 minutes
- Mode 8: 19 minutes
- Mode 9: 15 minutes
- Mode 10: 11 minutes

Recharging via USB-C is possible for unlimited usage time.

Fluid consumption based on full 9 ml capsule:

- Mode 1: 90 minutes
- Mode 2: 60 minutes
- Mode 3: 31 minutes
- Mode 4: 23 minutes.
- Mode 5: 18 minutes
- Mode 6: 16 minutes
- Mode 7: 13 minutes
- Mode 8: 11 minutes
- Mode 9: 9 minutes
- Mode 10: 7 minutes

Standby time: 120 minutes. At this, smoke is immediately available (no waiting time).

Please note that these times are estimates.





  • 1x SmokeGENIE
  • 1x Remote Control
  • 1x Smoke Capsule
  • 1x 100ml Smoke Liquid
  • 1x Fan
  • 1 x Fan Holder
  • 1x USB-C Charging Cable

In stock

Price incl. VAT: € 599,00

Dimension (mm):Help45 x 65 x 185

Create atmosphere with PMI's innovative smoke machine. In 2021, manufacturer PMI raised more than $100,000 through their Kickstarter project. After a successful launch, creative content creators are using the SmokeGENIE for their photo and video productions. Among them is Adam Savage, known for MythBusters, among others. Do you also want to add (low-hanging) smoke to your content? Then quickly discover the PMI collection here!



SMOKEGENIE in short:

• Complete range of professional smoke machines
• Create the most mysterious, impressive smoke effects
• Modern line of products
• Ideal for the creative content creator (video, vlogs, YouTube etc)
• Professional equipment, but very accessible to use