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f SmokeGENIE Smoke Liquid 100ml
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SmokeGENIE Smoke Liquid 100ml

This smoke liquid is a consumable for the SmokeGENIE and lasts an average of 2.5 hours (with non-stop use on setting 3). Among the optional accessories you will find the complete SmokeGENIE kit. Standard included is 1 bottle of smoke liquid of 100 ml. You fill the capsule (see optional accessories) of the SmokeGENIE with this smoke liquid. 9 ml of SmokeGENIE liquid fits in a capsule, enough for an average of 15 minutes of smoke production. The smoke liquid is made of food-safe, vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. It is safe for humans and animals to inhale the smoke in indoor spaces.

Application SmokeGENIE Smoke Liquid

Despite the fact that 1 bottle of smoke liquid lasts up to 37 hours (on setting 1), there comes a time when it needs to be replaced. This bottle of smoke liquid is specially made for the SmokeGENIE and ensures a very dense and safe smoke production.


  • 1x SmokeGENIE smoke liquid
  • 1x Packing

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Create atmosphere with PMI's innovative smoke machine. In 2021, manufacturer PMI raised more than $100,000 through their Kickstarter project. After a successful launch, creative content creators are using the SmokeGENIE for their photo and video productions. Among them is Adam Savage, known for MythBusters, among others. Do you also want to add (low-hanging) smoke to your content? Then quickly discover the PMI collection here!



SMOKEGENIE in short:

• Complete range of professional smoke machines
• Create the most mysterious, impressive smoke effects
• Modern line of products
• Ideal for the creative content creator (video, vlogs, YouTube etc)
• Professional equipment, but very accessible to use