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f Konus Double Photo Adapter 31.8 mm
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Konus Double Photo Adapter 31.8 mm

Konus SLR camera adapter suitable for Konus telescopes which uses 31,8 mm eyepieces, such as the Konus Konusmotor 130. This camera adapter is inserted where the eyepiece would normally go and allows you to attach a T2 mount adapter (not included) which is relevant to your SLR camera body. Once camera adapter and T2 adapter are fitted you can attach your SLR or D-SLR camera body and start taking photos through your telescope.


  • Double photo adapter

This product has a limited stock.

Price incl. VAT: € 49,95

Product Number:Help431070

Konus LogoThe Italian company Konus has been delivering product since 1979 for both hobbyist and professional users. The products are of high quality and have a very complete finish. Additionally Konus offers excellent service.

Konus has a wide range of products that will surely complement your own assortment. Konus has developed a great brand awareness among all consumers. Whether the customer is looking for a product for hunting, bird spotting, research, astronomy, science or sport, Konus always offers the right product. Moreover, because of Konus' various accessories, giving consumers the products can be used for multiple purposes.

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