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f Byomic Reflector Telescope G 114/900 EQ-SKY
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Byomic Reflector Telescope G 114/900 EQ-SKY

The Byomic Galaxydiver EQ-SKY 114/900 is the perfect telescope for experienced and advanced astronomers. Since the Byomic Galaxydiver is equipped with a 114 mm Newtonian mirror and has a focal length of 900 mm, it is not only suitable for observing the moon and planets, but also for observing deep-sky objects such as gas nebulae, star clusters and galaxies.

Application Byomic reflector telescope Galaxydiver 114/900 EQ-SKY

With the Byomic Galaxydiver, you have a reflecting telescope that is ideally suited for astronomical observations. If you still want to make terrestrial observations, you should use an inverter prism. This will mirror the image and you will see the objects as you would normally see them. If you are observing celestial objects, this mirror image will not bother you. With the included inverter prism, you also get an additional magnification of 1.5x.

Equatorial port

The Byomic Galaxydiver EQ-SKY 114/900 is equipped with an equatorial mount that allows you to easily move with the celestial bodies while observing. You point the vertical axis at Polaris, then you can follow the celestial bodies with the horizontal axis. To keep the telescope balanced, an equatorial mount always comes with a counterweight.

A great advantage of an equatorial mount is that objects can be observed for a long time without having to look for them every time because the earth is rotating. The scope of delivery of the equatorial mount also includes two fine adjusters that can be used to position the telescope even better when looking through the telescope.


The telescope comes with three eyepieces, one with a focal length of 20 mm, one with 15 mm and one with 10 mm. This allows you to achieve magnifications of 45x, 60x and 90x respectively.

When using the supplied Barlow lens, you can increase the magnification by a further 2x and even achieve magnifications of 180x.

With a Barlow lens, the effective focal length is extended, resulting in higher magnification. The image becomes sharper, making it interesting to take photos of your observation with a Byomic smartphone adapter. (See optional accessories). In addition, using a Barlow lens is very simple. You insert the eyepiece into the Barlow lens, then insert the whole thing into the telescope.

It is advisable to start with a small magnification and then extend it. If you start with a large magnification (10 mm eyepiece), the results will usually not be satisfactory.

When an eyepiece with a large focal point and therefore low magnification is used, the eye captures more light, giving a clearer image than when a large magnification with a smaller focal point is used.

Red dot viewfinder

The Red Dot Finder makes it easy to point the telescope at a celestial object. If you look through the Red Dot Finder and move the telescope so that the red dot is visible on a celestial object, you will see this when looking through the eyepiece.



  • 1x Byomic Reflector Telescope G 114/900
  • 1x Adjustable aluminium tripod with eyepiece holder
  • 1x Equatorial mount
  • 1x 2.5 Kg counterweight
  • 1x 10 mm eyepiece Ø1.25"
  • 1x 15 mm eyepiece Ø1.25"
  • 1x 20 mm eyepiece Ø1.25"
  • 1x Barlowlens with 2x magnification
  • 1x Inverted Prism with 1.5x magnification
  • 1x LED Finder
  • 1x Lens cap with opening for reduced light
  • 1x Sunshine eyepiece filter
  • 1x Moonshine eyepiece filter
  • 1x Allen key
  • 1x Gift box

In stock

Price incl. VAT: € 309,00

Type:HelpNewtonian Telescope
User:HelpBeginner, Advanced
Optical coating:HelpStandard
Aperture (mm):Help114
Focal ratio:HelpF/7,9
Focal length (mm):Help900
Dimensions tube (cm):Help90
Eyepiece diameter (mm):Help31,7
Weight (Kg):Help11,8
Viewfinder (mm):HelpLED
Tripod type:HelpAluminum
Tripod weight (Kg):Help2,5
Slow motion control:HelpYes, both axes
Mount:HelpEquatorial EQ-SKY
Attachment:PDF bestandDownload byomic spiegeltelescoop g 114 900





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