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f Miops SmartPLUS Creative Camera Trigger (Canon C1)
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Miops SmartPLUS Creative Camera Trigger (Canon C1)

The Miops Smart+ (Canon C1) is a creative camera trigger for high-speed photography. This trigger is compatible with many Canon cameras and can also be remotely controlled with a smartphone. With this trigger you can trigger your camera (or flash) in many ways and take the most impressive photos. A Canon C1 connection cable is included as standard with this version of the Smart+.

Get creative!

Light, sound and laser: the Miops SmartPLUS has three built-in sensors. These are used to detect, for example, lightning, fireworks, popping balloons, splashing water and explosions. Once the sensor detects this, the Smart+ will trigger your camera or flash. The sensor is so sensitive that it can react to impulses (light, sound and laser) within milliseconds. Indispensable for high-speed photography. The laser function works with a green and red laser beam of 5mW.

HDR, Timelapses and many other features

You can also use the Miops trigger to take HDR photos (High Dynamic Range) and timelapses, where you can determine the duration and number of photos. The SmartPLUS also offers a do-it-yourself function. This allows you to set up your own scenarios, consisting of up to five different steps. For each step, you can set the sensor you want to use. Did you know that you can also set the trigger from your smartphone, or set it off remotely? To do so, you need Miops' free app, available for both Android and iOS. Finally, you can also use the Miops Smart+ to trigger a flash. A flash cable is included as standard for this purpose. 

Application Miops Smart+ Trigger Canon C1

Always wanted to take those beautiful lightning photos yourself, or capture the exact moment a balloon of water pops? The Miops SmartPLUS Trigger is ideal for high-speed photography. This accessory broadens your trigger options, allowing you to get even more creative. You simply place the Smart+ on your hotshoe. The trigger is multi-purpose because you can not only trigger your camera, but also a flash. To make that possible, you will receive a flash cable for free with this article. In short: do you want to take beautiful photos that were impossible until now? Then the Miops Smart+ is an indispensable accessory.

With which cameras can I use this trigger?

This version (Smart+ with Canon C1 cable) is compatible with the cameras listed below. Would you like to start using the Miops Smart+ but you have a different camera? Then use the cable selector or contact our team.


  • 1x Miops SmartPLUS Camera Trigger
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x Connection cable (type Canon C1)
  • 1x Flash cable X-contact
  • 1x Manual
  • 1x Battery (BL-5C)
  • 1x Full-color packaging

In stock

Price incl. VAT: from € 293,95 for € 289,00

Article number:Help2533
For brand:HelpCanon
Connection cable:Help Pixel N3 + Miops C1
Power supply:HelpBL-5C battery (included)

To take the most creative photos, MIOPS offers a range of compact, intelligent accessories that you can easily use with your own photographic equipment. For example, using these accessories, you can use your smartphone to control the camera, have your camera automatically triggered by lightning and create time-lapses, or just create beautiful waterdrop photos. Whatever accessory you use, with Miops you will create the most creative, unique photos.





MIOPS in short:

• Miops is the brand for creative, modern photographers
• Take the most beautiful waterdrop photos or trigger your camera by lightning, for example
• Compatible with most cameras and smartphones
• Easy to use with your existing photo and video equipment
• Items from Miops come with a standard 1-year warranty