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f AGM PVS-14 AP Night Vision Monocular Gen2+ Green Phosphor
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AGM PVS-14 AP Night Vision Monocular Gen2+ Green Phosphor

The PVS-14 from American AGM Global Vision is a high-end night vision monocular/goggle with an Advanced Performance Gen2+ IIT in Green Phosphor. Recognized worldwide for their unmatched quality, reliability and ergonomic designs, the PVS was originally developed for use by the U.S. military.

The AGM PVS-14 is among the best monocular night vision viewers available in the market. The PVS-14 has a 26mm lens with a wide field of view of 40 degrees and focuses already from 25 cm. The optical magnification is 1x, but optional optical 3x or 5x magnification lenses are also available.

Quality of the image intensifier tube (IIT)

This version of the PVS-14 has an Advanced Performance Gen 2+ display tube in Green Phosphor (traditional night vision green). The NL1 intensifier tubes are manually selected and have an advanced clear image. These Advanced Performance tubes are the best tubes available in the commercial market. The image quality approaches Gen 3 level.

The tube has an FOM of 1800 on average. FOM stands for Figure of Merit and indicates the overall performance of a IIT. The higher the FOM, the higher the brightness and sharpness (and the less noise).

For this reason, you can work for a long time without infrared illumination, because the picture tube can convert even the slightest bit of residual light into a razor-sharp visual image. This makes these viewers extremely suitable for airsoft, tactical applications or MIL-SIMs. With cheaper, digital night vision goggles you always have to use IR emitters, which means that you are immediately visible to your opponents/enemy. If you really need IR light (e.g. in a dark room without any residual light), you can of course simply switch on the IR Illuminator. This is located on the PVS-14.

Hands-free use

This product comes standard with a head set (goggle kit) included. This allows you to attach your night vision viewer to your head to keep your hands free. The goggle kit features a flip-up system, which allows you to easily and safely "flip" the unit upwards, keeping them firmly in position. The head mount features adjustable, comfortable head straps and a chin-protecting hood with built-in cushion.

Application AGM PVS-14

The AGM PVS-14 belongs to the best night vision monoculars in the market and is therefore an excellent choice for professionals and demanding enthusiasts. Think for example of airsoft, tactical applications, hunting, astronomy, survival or nature observations. Leading speleologists are using them as reliable tool for their underground trips. Nature enthusiasts are having a blast with them in the toughest jungle conditions in their search for rare species.With the right accessories, you can attach it to a helmet or use them hands-free with the included headset. Also included is a front protective lens, which protects the lens against airsoft balls for example.

Since the viewer is equipped with a image intensifier tube, you cannot use the device during the day. The device will automatically shut down when too much light is present. The PVS-14 is also available in White Phosphor and with an NL1 image intensifier tube, see optional accessories.

Technical data:

• Image Intensifier Tube (IIT): Advance Perfermance Auto-Gated Gen 2+ P43-Green Phosphor IIT
• FOM (Figure of Merit): Average 1800
• The device complies with 810G military standard and waterproof
• Light output and sharpness comparable to Gen3
• Manual Gain and Auto Brightness Control
• Features standby mode and bright light cut-off
• Up to 40 hours of use with just one AA battery (measured with IR turned off)
• Three LED indicators in FOV: IR on, low battery status and excessive light conditions
• Adjustable diopter: -6 to +4
• AGM Global Vision product: 11P14122453011A

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  • 1x AGM PVS-14 AP NL1 Night Vision Monocular Gen. 2+ (Green Phosphor)
  • 1x Soft Carrying Case
  • 1x Head Mount Assembly
  • 1x Brow Pad
  • 1x Helmet/ Head Mount Adapter
  • 1x Sacrificial Window
  • 1x Demist Shield
  • 1x Battery
  • 1x Lens tissue
  • User Manual

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Expected delivery time 5 weeks
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Price incl. VAT: € 4.999,00

Type of night vision viewer:HelpNight vision with IIT (Image Intensifier Tube)
Quality:HelpAdvance Performance Auto-Gated Gen 2+ P43-Green Phosphor IIT
Applications:HelpAirsoft / Shooting, Astronomy, Security, Defence / Police, Hands-free, Hunting, Nature observations, Navigation, Rescue operations, Survival / Safari, Tactical, Water sports / boating / fishing
Vergroting:Help1x (3x or 5x with optional magnifying lens)
Diameter objectief:Help26 mm
Viewing:HelpGreen phosphor
Infrared integrated:HelpYes
Display quality:Help57-74 lp/mm
Memory card included?:HelpNo
Dimensions:Help114 x 69 x 63 mm
Weight:Help350 grams (12.4 oz)
Warranty:Help3 years with registered product
Viewing angle:Help40 degrees
Focusing distance:Help25 cm to infinity
For daytime use?:HelpNo
Power:Help1x AA 1.5V battery
Operational temperature:Help-51 to +49 degrees Celsius
Attachment:PDF bestandDownload 121070 agm pvs 14 ap night vision monocular specsheet

The American AGM Global Vision is an increasingly large and important player in the field of thermal imaging and night vision. AGM is pre-eminently the brand for tactical applications, hunting, airsoft, outdoor and any demanding enthusiast. The product range extends from handheld thermal imaging cameras and night vision viewers to thermal rifle scopes and clip-on scopes. AGM produces rugged mid- and high-end products and can easily compete with other well-known names in the market.


• Complete range of thermal imaging monoculars, binoculars and rifle scopes from the mid- and high-end segment
• High-end night vision equipped with Photonis Commercial and ECHO image intensifier tubes
• Innovative fusion cameras which combine thermal imaging with digital night vision
• Ideally suited for hunting, airsoft, tactical, outdoor and nature observations
• AGM items carry a 3 year warranty

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